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About Us


Our Experience

After successful careers as leaders in the financial, business strategy, defense and engineering industries, we decided to take our 60+ years of combined experience to form Cobra King. We are partnered with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals, who help provide the financial support and guidance necessary to ensure our clients achieve results and own their dream.


Our Approach

We have developed The COBRA Way™, our unique, simple and yet comprehensive approach to business investing.

C - Consultation

O - Opportunity Evaluation

B - Bankroll and Execution

R - Reevaluate and Refine

A - Achieve Your Dream


Why Us?


We all started from humble beginnings, where wealth creation did not seem achievable, but throughout our careers and experience, we developed the mindset, vision and grit required to be successful and financially self-reliant. We are owning our dreams and now we have the passion and opportunity to help others own their dreams. Cobra King partners are accredited investors.

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Cobra King, LLC

222 East Missouri Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota 57501, United States